We operate mainly in the networking sector, starting from the design, construction and certification of structured cabling and Wi-Fi network installations, etc., up to the implementation and configuration of the most complex interconnection and security devices (switches, bridges, access points, routers, firewalls, etc.).

Thanks to keeping abreast with the market trends, we have been able to concentrate our resources on video IP surveillance and VoIP telephony.

In recent years we have expanded our activities, with particular attention paid to smaller companies still lacking any internal IT management, and we provide them with 360° assistance.

We help our Clients in the choices imposed by the IT market such as adequate hardware and software, small wired networks or Wi-Fi, internal or external email services, and antivirus and security systems, to name just a few of the solutions we provide.

The extreme competitiveness of the IT market and its frenetic rhythms make the compartmentalisation of skills necessary for achieving the best results from the products and knowledge acquired. For the sectors mentioned above, Net Service is able to identify, select and offer the best possible technological solutions.

Net Service - I servizi

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