The company Net Service was founded in 1998 by Information Technology professionals with decade-old know-how and experience in this field.

It is very easy for people to introduce a company: they describe its history, milestones, and top projects in an attempt to convince the reader that they are the best. To do this, they speak about future technologies, innovations and solutions.

Net Service, instead, has a much more difficult task, namely, that of helping its clients to get to know the people and the working spirit, seriousness and professional expertise that they put into every single job, be it small or large, because for Net Service, its smaller clients deserve the same attention and respect as the larger ones. We focus on our Clients and their future development.

This is the starting point for establishing a solid relationship with our clients that is based on trust. Our mission is to guide them in the right direction in their decision-making, not only for their current requirements, but also for those of the future.

It is in our interests for the company to grow in a relationship of mutual maturation.

Those who do not know us could easily think that they are dealing with one of the many small local, all-rounder companies that take care of everything gravitating around the world of information technology; however this is not the case.  We have a wealth of skills and ideas and for this reason we know how to do a lot, but not everything.

We want to make you aware of the working spirit, seriousness and professional expertise that Net Service put into every job, whether for private individuals or companies. What we are interested in are our Clients and their evolution.

Net Service - Gli uffici

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